Gardens and Chickens and Alpacas ~ Oh My!  …about the little legacy farm that surrounds our bed and breakfast…

We are long-standing residents of the area and moved to our little legacy farm 15 years ago and, back then, had no idea what all it had in store for us! Getting to know our neighbors and putting down roots, both literally and figuratively has been quite a journey!

Our flock of chickens is always a delight to watch ~ each breed picked for a specific purpose whether it be for their feather pattern as with our Silver Laced Wyandottes or Lavender Orpingtons or for their egg color as with the blue/green of our Easter Egger hens or the sky blue of Crested Cream Legbar hens or even the dark chocolate brown of our Black Copper Maran hens, or their abundant egg laying as with our Leghorns!  Each chicken is special and even has a name!  Among our current favorites chicken names are Emily Chickenson, George Peckhard, Audrey Henburn, and our twin Cinnamon Queen hens, Sam ‘n Ella!  This colorful variety of chickens lay farm fresh, organic, free range eggs.  As a dear friend once said “you can taste the love!”

As you might imagine, a feature at the Decatur Alpaca Cottage is a small herd of alpacas (some are rescues!) All are gentle, peaceful creatures with their own unique personalities.  Watch for future blog posts about each of our sweet alpacas.

Last, we also share our home with two dogs, Roscoe, a terrier mix, and Coco an unbelievably tiny mixed breed dog. Both are friendly and such an important part of our family.

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Welcome to the Decatur Alpaca Cottage ~ close to the city, but just far enough away ~ We look forward to hosting you!