A bed and breakfast with the Basics and then some!

In the Decatur Alpaca Cottage, we always cover the basics with premium quality items – high thread count linens and plush towels (in fact, the linens in the cottage are better than those in our own house!), as well as ensuring the cottage is impeccably clean. Going further though, we offer our guests a small selection of snacks upon arrival, a few beverages already cooled in the refrigerator, custom dark Belgian chocolate beautifully presented on handmade pottery by the bedside, and the gift of a nice bottle of wine for those who wish to partake. We also ensure guests have everything they need to ensure a comfortable stay; Pharmacopoeia organic and natural guest amenities in the bathroom and more towels than any human being could possibly use during their stay to ensure no one runs out. We aim for a spirit of gracious hospitality for our guests knowing it will pay off in superior reviews, return guests, and good will all around, not to mention it simply feels good to host well!

Our philosophy at the Decatur Alpaca Cottage is to go the extra mile to ensure our guests have not only a pleasant stay, but a stay which they will remember for years to come. This can be as simple as providing a small bouquet of flowers from the Cottage garden when our guests are celebrating a special celebration or giving a younger guest farm who is celebrating a birthday with a couple farm animal finger puppets. We pay attention, find ways to raise the bar a bit higher, and deliver!

We love meeting our guests and hearing their stories; what brought them to the area, why they chose the Decatur Alpaca Cottage, and where they have seen alpacas before. Something interesting about our guests is that nearly half are local to the area and using their time at the Decatur Alpaca Cottage to have a Staycation.  Whether from near or far, though every guest has a story to tell and we thoroughly enjoy hearing what our guests share! We also take great pleasure in reading our guests’ entries in our guest book and finding the common themes; impeccably clean, incredibly comfortable, a haven, peaceful, close to the city, but just far enough away, you thought of everything, and my all-time favorite ‘We’ll be back!”

Welcome to the Decatur Alpaca Cottage ~ close to the city, but just far enough away ~ We look forward to hosting you!