How did you two meet?

Susan and I met through mutual friends (like typical lesbians, I was dating a friend of hers at the time) but when her friend and I broke up, we continued to hang out. We had a great connection as friends over the years. Finally, when we were both single and the timing was right, we started dating! We have now been together for two years.

Tell us about the proposal!

The proposal was at Decatur Alpaca Cottage, a neat little Airbnb and urban farm just outside of Atlanta. We were there to visit friends in Atlanta and just for a short getaway. We signed up for an “alpaca experience” while we were there to go out into the barn and learn about the alpacas and chickens.

Marykay, the Airbnb host, decided she would ask me ahead of time if she could have a photographer there for her social media since she was trying to improve her Instagram content. I told her of course and thought nothing of it.

That day, we hung out with the animals and the photographer showed up and took some shots while we all walked around. Then she asked for some individual shots of us with the alpacas. One moment I’m petting an alpaca, the next I turn around and here was Sue down on one knee! Cue the happy tears.

I was completely surprised and after the shock wore off, extremely happy and excited. Little did I know, the host Marykay helped Susan set everything up and the photographer was Glori of Glorius Moments Photography. They had been messaging back and forth for some time! So sweet of them to help set up this awesome moment for us.

Read more about our little legacy farm here:

Welcome to the Decatur Alpaca Cottage ~ close to the city, but just far enough away ~ We look forward to hosting you!