It’s a one-bedroom cottage in Decatur

Need to get away but don’t want to spend half your weekend on the highway? By staying at the Decatur Alpaca Cottage, you won’t have to travel far to feel like you’re in a totally different world.

That’s only one of the many reasons this special place is truly staycation-worthy. In fact, half of our guests are local to the area! This relaxing refuge draws you in and is designed in harmony with lush gardens and the natural landscape. The organic, garden and legacy farmlet hug the cottage between them, inviting you to relax in a peaceful setting – all the while being just minutes from exploring multi-faceted Decatur and one of its many festivals.

“What a wonderful little piece of heaven hidden in Decatur! The cottage is so comfortable and cozy, from the well-stocked kitchen to the soft alpaca blankets in the sitting area. Fresh eggs, chocolates, wide selection of teas and coffees . . . just a few added perks that made us feel pampered!”

JoAnn, November 2017

Close to the city, but just far enough away

At the Decatur Alpaca Cottage, you’re close enough to Atlanta to take in a concert, embark on a shopping spree, or be a tourist in your own town. At the end of the day, escape again to your own private cottage far from the hustle and bustle yet only a few miles from the best Decatur and Atlanta have to offer.

The Top Decatur Ga Hotels According To Trip Advisor

Including The Most Romantic Hotels In Atlanta

Clearly, we have not stayed at all the hotels in Decatur Ga 30302, so we can’t be a good judge, but you know who can?  Trip Advisor!

Unless you’ve been living on top of a mountain for the last 17 years, you’ve probably heard of Trip Advisor. The largest travel info site in the world, I love that it combines listings with user reviews to give you the full picture of where you’re looking to go. You can choose to go all-out and check out only five star accommodations (in that case, I want to go along). Or filter by cost, location, and even things like if the property is kid-friendly.

Trip Advisor has an easy-to-use site and you can book directly through them. Amenities like parking are listed for easy comparison. Plus if it’s a direct rental (vs. say, a hotel), there’s personalized info provided by the owner on the area and other tidbits.  All rentals provide pictures and some even have a virtual tour. I just love looking at the pics online, going to the property and they match! Makes me feel at home instantly.

Trip Advisor works hard to verify the reviews and remove fraudulent ones. They offer payment protection, too, when you book through their site. Guarantees like that are things that help me decide on booking through one place or another, it’s that extra touch!

Trip Advisor puts all that helpful info right at your fingertips. So with all that said, here are…

Courtyard Atlanta Decatur Downtown/Emory

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Atlanta-Emory University Area

Americas Best Value Inn Decatur/Atlanta

Econo Lodge

Holiday Inn Express Atlanta-Emory University Area

Super 8 Decatur/Dntn/Atlanta Area

Motel 6 Decatur

Courtyard Atlanta Decatur Downtown/Emory

Metro Extended Stay Hotel Decatur

Of course, you could always try our cottage (formerly known as The Atlanta Alpaca Cottage).  Click here to find out more about us.

The Top Bed & Breakfasts in Atlanta/Decatur, Ga

An Atlanta B&B can be a great way for you to get a feel for the local community and its residents. Decatur offers a mix of single-owner B&Bs along with ones that are described as “boutique hotels.”

The area is diverse, too: stay in a neighborhood or go for the full “quiet woodland” experience a little farther from the city proper. From as little as $40 a night, you can find a ton of options, no matter what your budget or preference.  Two of the best bed and breakfast places in Atlanta/Decatur, Ga are:

The Cottage

The Garden House Bed & Breakfast

What You Should Know About Decatur, Georgia

Once you’ve booked a place to stay, it’s time to poke around our home town. Part of the Atlanta metro area, Decatur sits off to the east, a short 20 minute drive from downtown. Even though it’s relatively close to the city, Decatur still maintains a small town feel with just under 22,000 residents.

Established in 1823 and named after naval war hero Stephen Decatur, the city started out as farm country, with mainly small to medium farms. Settlers from the Carolinas and even as far north as Virginia moved to Georgia to establish farms and homesteads

Shortly after its incorporation, Decatur saw its first railroad. While it brought goods and people to Decatur, it had an even bigger effect on Atlanta which soon became a regional transportation hub. Even back then, Decatur prided itself on the slower pace and less “city-like” atmosphere they offered. While the next 150 years saw the arrival of cars and other technology, Decatur remains Atlanta’s small, country hip cousin.

If you’re following along at home, you might know that there’s also a Decatur, IL. What you might not know is that there are more than 15 cities throughout the US named Decatur. And if this is your first visit, make sure you’re pronouncing Decatur correctly, too!

What Decatur’s Known For

There are plenty of things to see and do in Decatur. Here are the top 4 you should definitely check out when you visit:

The Decatur Historical Courthouse

Home to the records of Decatur’s past, you can search through genealogical docs and other archived info. The other part of the building that sees more use is their rental hall. Planning a wedding? The’s users give it a 5 star rating!

Decatur Square

Near the courthouse, you can grab dinner or a drink in Decatur Square. Choose from tons of options like sushi, a quick sandwich with the kids, or a pint of local beer, there’s something for everyone. Yelp reviewers give it five stars and one review on Trip Advisor calls it, “an underrated food and drink hot spot”.

Your Dekalb Farmers Market

No visit to Decatur is complete without checking out the Farmers Market. It’s the largest whole food market in Georgia, too. (Not Whole Foods, which is now owned by Amazon and will likely have drones bringing you apples some day.) If you’re staying in a place that has a kitchen you can use, I’d suggest grabbing some wild-caught fish from Trinidad or make a delicious snack from local fruits and cheeses.

Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

Located on 28 acres in northeast Decatur, the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is home to lots of local wildlife. You can also see areas that represent Georgia’s full ecosystem, including wetlands and pine forests. Any time of the year you can see the birds, mammals – and yes, reptiles – that call Georgia home. If you prefer a more guided nature experience (instead just wandering around the woods, we all know how that movie ends), you can’t go wrong with the Nature Preserve.

Seasonal Fun

Decatur hosts a number of fun things to do, especially in the summer. Is BBQ your thing (yes, please!)? Don’t miss the BBQ, Blues and Bluegrass Festival every August or “Terrific Thursdays”, special shopping days throughout the year. If you’re visiting around the holidays, the city hosts the Decatur Tour of Homes, a guided tour to show off everything decorated in twinkling lights and animated Santas.

The Decatur Alpaca Cottage

Formerly known as The Atlanta Alpaca Cottage, it’s a short term rental nestled in small legacy farm known for the cute alpacas that roam around the beautiful gardens. Click here for more information.

Getting Around Decatur, Georgia

With its proximity to Atlanta, there are tons of transportation options if you didn’t bring your own car. The city’s served by 3 MARTA rail stations and can get you into Atlanta proper in under 40 minutes. If you’ve rented a bike (because you should, the area’s beautiful), you can even toss your bike on the MARTA. You’ll also find the usual selection of ridesharing, like Uber and Lyft, too.

Georgia’s Weather

While you’re still north of Florida, Georgia’s summers can be pretty warm. Record temps have hit 100+ in July. Combine that with serious humidity and it can be downright sauna-like in the summer. Winter is fairly mild which means we’re not really equipped for snow. More than six snowflakes can create a “snow week”, not just a snow day. Personally, I love spring and fall. Mild temperatures and the lovely foliage of a zillion trees (even in urban areas, we’re very serious about trees), make Decatur a picturesque place to visit.

The Culture

Each area around Atlanta has its own vibe, from urban to progressive to laid-back small town. Decatur falls into those last two and is a pretty civic-minded place, too. They even hold Decatur 101 classes to help new residents get to know the town. How cool is that? The average age of a Decatur resident is 35 and nearly 50% have a college degree, which makes sense as Emory University is one of Decatur’s top employers. Young couples and families call Decatur home thanks to its great school system and low crime rate.

What To Eat & Drink In Decatur, GA

When you want to try a new restaurant/bar/insert retail establishment here, where do you look? Like 145 million DOES THIS NEED TO HAVE A LINK? of your closest friends (and me, too!), you probably head to Yelp. After almost fifteen years, there’s more than 121 million reviews posted. While not every business in every city is there, I feel like I have a fair chance of finding what I’m looking for. I love looking at the pictures of the tasty treats you can get, plus getting great info on the atmosphere. Can you can bring your pup along? Will the kids find food they like? All these questions (plus tons more) are usually answered on Yelp.

There is a huge variety of dining choices, especially near the downtown decatur hotels. From $ (inexpensive) to $$$ (pricey), you can find a little bit of everything.

What To Do, See & Eat In Decatur, Ga

A Nice Night Out

If you feel like dressing up a bit, there’s more than one place to go in Decatur. If you’re in the mood for sushi, Brush Sushi Izakaya won’t disappoint. One Yelper said that it rivals Atlanta’s sushi restaurants in terms of quality and brings a traditional vibe, too.

If you’re a meat lover, try Parker’s on Ponce. A traditional steakhouse that takes the idea of a “side dish” to the next level with things like black truffle mac and cheese. Add in a visit to their piano bar and you’ve got a nice night out.

All-Around Favorites

Going into the “moderate” price category, your choices open up. Did you think I’d skip Southern food? Bless your heart, of course not! With 10+ Southern restaurant to choose from, you can get your fill of tasty fried chicken and gravy. You’ll also find brew pubs, Italian and even Asian fusion. (Did I mention there are more than 430 restaurants reviewed in the Decatur area on Yelp?)

Budget Friendly

Just because it’s rated as $ on Yelp doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. It just means that it will be easy on your wallet and delicious. While most of the choices in this price range include the obvious stuff like pizza or burgers, there are also a few others to choose from. Who doesn’t love tacos? Or a delicious breakfast? From donuts to bulgogi to hot dogs, your choices are only limited by how long you’re staying in Decatur and if you packed stretchy pants.

Out of the Ordinary

If you’re looking to try something new, now’s the time. In the mood for pork? Cafe Alsace features authentic Alsatian food tucked away in a small spot in Decatur Square. I’ll save you the trip to Google: Alsatian food is a technically French cuisine, but it’s heavily influenced by its close proximity to Germany. Think spaetzle, not duck confit.

And despite its name, The Iberian Pig serves more than just pork. You can find a wide range of Spanish tapas in this popular spot (translation: if you can plan ahead, grabbing a reservation might be a good idea).

Eat Me Speak Me is Decatur’s answer to the speakeasy. While yes, you can go through another restaurant to find it (a sandwich shop) or through the alley, they have more than just an array of funky drinks made by a mustachioed bartender. Their small plates are an eye-and-tongue pleasing assortment of choices, all moderately priced.

Brunch with a Kick

If you want delicious Greek/Mediterranean food and plus the traditional Bloody Mary/Mimosa choices, Cafe Lily is where you want to go. From frittatas to omelettes, the brunch menu just might lead to an afternoon nap (I won’t tell if you don’t).

Saba is an Italian restaurant: who knew that meatballs on your brunch omelette were the thing you’d been missing all your life? Pair that with a $4 Mimosa and hold on…I’ll be right there to join you.

Restaurants That Take Reservations Near Decatur Georgia Hotels.

Decatur has tons of popular restaurants to choose from. Sometimes I just don’t want to wait, so a reservation is definitely the way to go. Here are the restaurants that take reservations:


The Pinewood

Mason Tavern

The Iberian Pig

No. 246


Parker’s On Ponce

Kimball House

Eat Me Speak Me

Wahoo! Grill

Leon’s Full Service

Mellow Mushroom

Brick Store Pub

Brush Sushi Izakaya

Truman Tavern

Cakes & Ale

Taiyo Ramen


Cafe Alsace

Café Lily

The Best Restaurants In Decatur, GA

Brick Store Pub

Leon’s Full Service

Juicy Drop

Eat Me Speak Me

The Pinewood

The Iberian Pig



No. 246

Kimball House

Oak Brewpub

K BBQ Taco

Victory Sandwich Bar


Taiyo Ramen

Calle Latina

Big Tex Decatur

Chai Pani Decatur

Las Brasas

Cafe Alsace

Brush Sushi Izakaya

Why Go Out When You Can Eat In?

After a day of sightseeing or hiking in the woods, I certainly don’t feel like going out after some food. Good news! There are more than 100 restaurants that offer delivery in Decatur. They include:

Rice Mac

DaVinci’s Pizzeria

Mediterranean Grill

Pizza Walley

Yami Sushi

Pyng Ho

Golden Buddha Restaurant

Mint 2 Thai & Sushi

Magic Wings & BBQ

Rocco’s New York Pizza

Apple House

Avondale Pizza Cafe

Spice Root

Fresh To Order

There’s Take Out Too

If you’re out and about and just want to grab something to take along, Decatur’s takeout scene will keep you fed. Leaning mainly toward pizza or Chinese, you can get a bite on the run.

Avondale Pizza Cafe

Mediterranean Grill

Mint 2 Thai & Sushi

Athens Pizza

Rocco’s New York Pizza

Hunan Dragon 3

Spice Root

Masala Indian Cuisine

Golden Buddha Restaurant

TasteBuddz Atl

The Best Bars In Decatur, GA

Brick Store Pub

The SOS Tiki Bar

Kimball House

Leon’s Full Service

Trackside Tavern

Thinking Man Tavern


The Pinewood

Eddie’s Attic

Eat Me Speak Me

Double Dragon

Victory Sandwich Bar

Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards

The Square Pub

Steinbeck’s Ale House

Mac McGee

Truman Tavern

Oak Brewpub

The Imperial

The Corner Pub

Where To Get A Drink

Not to be left behind during the adult beverage Renaissance the country is experiencing, Decatur has all your options covered. And not just “covered”, on Yelp alone there are 85 reviewed bar and lounges in the area. I love the fact that from beer-and-a-shot dive bars to 15 ingredient artistic masterpieces, my drink of choice is only a short Lyft away. Here are some of the highlights for your sipping pleasure.

Kick Back and Put Your Feet Up

At Eddie’s Attic, you can do just that. If there’s room. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a cosy place to hear live music, that’s more living room jam session than polished club set.

I love a hearty portion of food, a great beer selection, and some trivia. If you do, too, then the Thinking Man Tavern is the spot you want to head for. Locally sourced and housemade, their food isn’t the only star you’ll find. 21 craft beer taps and over 100 cocktail choices definitely will make you think about what you want.

No bar list is complete without an Irish pub. Mac McGee fits that bill nicely and ups the ante just a bit. Yes, lots of places have a whiskey list. Mac McGee’s has an actual binder. With more than 400 different whiskies, why do you need to go anywhere else? Grab a beet salad and plate of poutine and my night is complete.

Trendy Spots

Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean you have to (always) pay double-digit prices for a drink. Head over to The Pinewood at Happy Hour and you can usually score a great price on a cocktail. If you go later, they do get busy so a reservation might help.

Sometimes I like a little intrigue with my rum, so I head over to the SOS Tiki Bar. Fun, retro and not too “kitschy” as one review describes it, you can either come in through the Victory sandwich shop or through the alley. It’s really more of a nod in the direction of a speakeasy, since you don’t need to know the secret handshake can get in. Grab a Pain Killa or a Mai Tai and you’re set!

Interesting Combos

Oysters and absinthe? OK, maybe not in the same glass, but at The Kimball House, you can get both. Freshly shucked oysters are on the menu, along with other seasonally available dinner options. And if you’ve not tried absinthe before, this is the spot. Their list includes a whopping twelve kinds of absinthe, served traditionally with cold water and a sugar cube. I just love the feel of history in my drink!

One Bedroom, Minutes from Atlanta & Decatur